Trends in College Admissions

An Eventful Year

  • Are SAT Subject Tests (SAT IIs) on their way out? Today, few institutions require the tests, and many require them only of STEM and engineering applicants. What this means is that for many students, 11th grade is not the nightmare it used to be. For more information: Are the SAT Subject Tests on the Way Out?
  • Which SAT or PSAT administration you take may make a big difference in your score, as some test dates feature tests that are markedly easier than others, a problem because then the curve becomes too difficult as one mistake means a significant score penalty: Trouble with October 24th PSAT Scoring Curve
  • Some colleges are now trying to get students to commit early not only through Early Decision 1, but through Early Decision II. New Front in College Admissions: Nudging Students to Decide Early As elite colleges compose more and more of their classes with candidates who have committed early, students who are looking for best fit vs. best name are disadvantaged.
  • Harvard is getting sued and sued. Besides the high-profile admissions lawsuit alleging that Harvard’s admissions process discriminates against Asian-American applicants, Harvard is dealing with several other legal challenges.