WeWork is to start the WeGrow NYC private school. They bought the Lord & Taylor building, now they are starting a school.

Kate Taylor of The New York Times writes in Disrupting the World of Private School With Tech and Guinea Pigs that a surprising new private school will be opening:

Then there’s the newest entry in the field, from WeWork, the office space-sharing company that recently jolted New York’s retail universe with its purchase of the Lord & Taylor building. This month, the company announced that it was starting its own school next year, called WeGrow. One of the company’s founders, Rebekah Neumann described WeGrow in a blog post as “a new conscious, entrepreneurial school committed to unleashing every child’s superpowers.”

WeWork envisions its educational and real estate businesses as mutually reinforcing, offering parents the chance to drop their children off at school in the same building where they work, and where they could possibly meet them for lunch. In the long run, the company foresees replicating the school in many of the 52 cities where WeWork operates, so that parents who need to travel or move for work purposes could transfer their children from one WeGrow outpost to another, as easily as plugging in a MacBook Air at a new location.

FastCompany also profiled WeGrow.