$50,000 private schools tuition in NYC is now becoming more common as private schools’ tuition increases, again.

Trinity School and other NYC private schools’ tuition plus fees now equal more than $50,000 according to Leslie Brody of the Wall Street Journal. John Allman of Trinity says he believes the tuition system is broken: “we’re stymied in trying to figure out a way into a different funding model that looks really sustainable for families across the economic spectrum.”

Brody writes:

The charges, many private-school leaders say, don’t cover the full cost of the rigorous educations provided. Their customers want small classes, arts, extracurricular activities, intensive college advising and teachers with advanced degrees. Leaders of these institutions say most depend on fundraising to fill the yearly shortfalls, in addition to holding capital campaigns for new construction.

Drivers of mounting tuitions include teacher salaries, health insurance, technology upgrades, more services for students with learning disabilities, and maintenance for expanded facilities, school leaders said.

It is clear that top private schools don’t have strong pressure to keep down prices, as they are deluged by demand from parents who want the best for their children, and who will often pay multiples of current tuition for access.

Meanwhile, over in the UK, Prince George’s parents, William and Kate, have to pay only $26,000 for his elite kindergarten: The best English education money can buy!’ Prince George’s £20,000-a-year prep gets rave reviews in Good Schools Guide