Abacus Mom, a NYC top private school consultant, was thrilled to get these two emails from happy clients recently.

Hi Emily,

I just want to reach out and tell you that your advice from the past two years has been amazingly spot on. The classes and tutoring and clubs that you suggested after hearing about <child’s> interests and the approach to the process and the rigor you advised with interviewing… It’s been incredibly helpful. Obviously this is your business, so it’s expected to an extent. But I think you have a very nice, authentic touch which makes all the difference. We feel very positive about how things are going, and I attribute it to your help to a big degree.

and from another parent:

emily –

honestly, i wouldn’t make it through this process without your help. having kids, i know you know — there is no greater gift to us than helping us with our children’s education. we love your down to earth and upfront style — it helps us to really know which direction to turn and where to steer clear. also, your positive energy is so appreciated and means a lot. you have made this process seem doable and less daunting and we cannot thank you enough.