How is Avenues college admissions? Clients have been asking me how Avenues does in college admissions ever since the school opened. In 2016, for the first time, students will be graduating from Avenues The World School and going onto college. Avenues has just published where students got in.  See the Avenues College Admissions List for yourself.

Avenues has a lot riding on where students go to college.  If Avenues students don’t get into big-name colleges, parents won’t want to send their children to Avenues.  The school will not be successful and profitable. Understandably then, Avenues has an impressive college counseling program, called the “Mastery Program”. Avenues college admissions tactics are explicitly defined in school materials:

Beginning in the ninth grade, we counsel students on how they can make strong academic and extracurricular choices that reflect the values of Avenues. These values include: academic excellence; identifying and pursuing academic and extracurricular passions through the Mastery Program; engaging in our community—as well as in communities abroad—in ways that bring about social good; becoming proficient in more than one foreign language; and building a portfolio of writing, artwork, design projects, social innovation pursuits, internships, athletic achievements and international experiences that will distinguish them in the application pools of selective colleges and universities.

Over the coming years, as the school becomes more selective and established, the Avenues college admissions list should continue to include many sought-after college brand names.