With the debut of the AABL test and the KRT test in 2014, NYC families applying for kindergarten are naturally seeking AABL test prep and KRT test prep for their preschoolers. Despite the claims from the test makers that the AABL and KRT tests are not preppable, as always, children who have been pre-exposed to similar material do better on test day. As long as NYC private schools require tests for admission, parents will want their children to be successful.

So how can you help your child? Here’s a round-up of AABL test prep and KRT test prep.

  • The first workbook specifically written for AABL test prep and KRT test prep is this one from Aristotle Circle, a well-known name in NYC private school kindergarten testing preparation.  Check out this new workbook: AABL and KRT Test Workbook
  • Testing Mom, a test prep website, offers a subscription service.
  • The Educational Records Bureau, the company that developed and administers the AABL, offers a Quick Facts Guide on their website for AABL test prep.
  • ISAAGNY explains the KRT on their website.

In 2014-2015, the AABL was required by Horace Mann, Riverdale, Collegiate and Avenues.  The KRT was required by Berkeley Carroll, Cathedral School, Chapin, Sacred Heart, Dalton, Mandell, Marymount, Poly Prep, Riverdale and Saint David’s.

While the NYC private schools have not yet announced which tests schools will want from their kindergarten applicants in 2015-2016, my guess is that AABL use will spread.  Unfortunately, the trend is toward NYC private schools desiring that children be more academically mature, whether that is developmentally appropriate or not.

I am now advising my clients on tutoring as well as private school kindergarten consulting options.