I have helped many families whose children now attend Avenues.

Today I received this email from Soraya Díaz Tamayo, who is Director of Avenues School Admissions:

We have three admissions cycles:

Early admissions—sibling and employee applicants
Application deadline October 1 / File complete November 21 / Notification December 17 / Parent reply January 9

Early notification—first-choice applicants for all grades
Application deadline November 3* / File complete December 17 / Notification January 9 / Parent reply January 16

* We will accept early notification forms after this date provided the application has been submitted and all interviews and supporting materials are completed by December 17.

Regular notification—all applicants
Application deadline December 1 / File complete January 16 / Parent reply as per ISAAGNY dates

Entry Grades
In addition to open admissions for typical entry grades – nursery, kindergarten, sixth and ninth – we have a limited number of openings in other grades for the 2015-2016 school year. All applications will be fully processed regardless of the notification cycle, though priority consideration will be given to early notification candidates. All regular notification applicants will be interviewed, including nursery, pre-K, K and 1 (Note: this is a change from an earlier communication). Applicants to grades 2–4 must demonstrate age-appropriate language proficiency in either Spanish or Chinese.

Change to Immersion Format
For the 2015–2016 school year, immersion instruction will go through the fourth grade. Our 50/50 immersion program is now on an alternating day schedule rather than a half-day schedule. Students spend one full day in their immersion classroom and the next full day in their English classroom. This has allowed us to recover about one hour of instructional time and reduced the number of transitions our students must manage.

I appreciate Avenues’ transparency with their admissions process.