Speyer Legacy School may have a place for your child.  The school writes Abacus Mom:

As the DOE Kindergarten placement offers are received by your preschool families in the coming week, please keep The Speyer Legacy School in mind for children who may not receive an appropriate match.  We do have about 4 spaces available for Kindergarten this September and continue to welcome applications from qualified candidates.

As you know, The Speyer Legacy School is a growing independent school for advanced learners, meaning that our curriculum is advanced and enriched beginning in Kindergarten. We are located in a beautiful facility at 9th Avenue and W. 59th St. Applicants for Kindergarten must have turned 5 prior to September 1, 2014.

We are accepting applications now only from children qualified for Hunter Round 2 or G&T placement, but who have not secured a seat and families who are moving into NYC, whose children have high ERB scores. At this point in the year we do not have financial assistance available.

I hope we can help to provide an optimal learning environment for some of the bright young minds in your schools.