BASIS, the new private school opening in Brooklyn in September of 2014, has a recruitment incentive that I believe is a first for NYC private schools.   A letter to BASIS parents:

Dear Parents,

Everyone involved with the opening of BASIS Independent Brooklyn is aware of the fact that we are founding a community, not just a school. That awareness is deeply satisfying to all of us.

I want to thank our Founding Families for they have been essential in helping us build this growing community and spreading, by word of mouth, their excitement about BASIS Independent Brooklyn.

The recruitment team here in Brooklyn wants to do all within its power to draw mission appropriate families and children to the school. Thus we have created this referral program* to both acknowledgeand thank our Founding Families for the unique role that they are all playing in the history of our school.

For Founding Families that refer a new enrolling family, we will freeze tuition for one child for two years.  If you refer a second new enrolling family, we will extend that freeze to a third year. Of course, as the purpose is to help build our community, the new family will also receive a tuition freeze for one year.