For years I’ve been recommending suburban day camp not only because it’s fun but because it helps kids make great developmental leaps that help in private school interviewing.  For a top suburban New York day camp recommendation, email me at top new york day camp recommendation

Suburban day camp helps kids build social skills, among others.  For more:

In a multitude of studies, the depth and breadth of our social connections has been shown to have an enormous impact upon our emotional well-being, sense of fulfillment, professional accomplishment and even physical health. So how does camp promote this?

Camp’s novelty and fun help to focus children on shared experiences. Whether the activities are group games like most sports, or individual projects like many crafts, the experiences are still shared because children directly and indirectly communicate their enjoyment with one another. And since the activities draw children’s interest (Camp’s fun again acting to “Pull” attention), boys and girls often become less self-conscious and more aware of the joy of being part of a group. Add to this the attentive counselors who mentor children in how to be part of a group, building friendships, and solving interpersonal issues, and camp becomes a unique social learning environment.