A former client sent Abacus Mom this note about The Academy of St Joseph in the West Village:

We have seen a complete transformation in our child and could not be any happier with the Academy of St Joseph. This school is incredibly well run – the head of school Ms Angela Coombs is impressive on every level. The school’s excellence can definitely be attributed to her rigor, her warmth and deep personal involvement in every aspect of the school life. The school community is impressively diverse and open – while it is a Catholic school (run by the Archdiocese, not the parish), it embraces families of every denomination (from Atheist to Jewish) and possible socio-economic configuration. As a secular family, we feel completely comfortable in the school’s environment and find that the overall atmosphere is extremely progressive both socially and politically. The values that are being taught are universal and transcend any dogmatic religious teachings. Children and parents of all stripes are accepted and welcomed – and frankly, much of the antagonistic social issues with unruly or bratty children we experienced in other schools with our child are nonexistent at St Joseph’s because of the nature of the school’s leadership and overall philosophy.

Academically, St Joseph’s has been incredible for our child. She has blossomed in a much more structured and rigorous environment – she is now reading with great ease at her grade level (she’s become a bookworm!) and has completely caught up to the math curriculum (now she is following the Singapore Math curriculum and has begun multiplication and division!).  Given our extreme worry that our child was not being challenged at her former school, we now can safely say that she is being challenged in the best possible way at St Josephs and is constantly seeking out new tasks for herself at home.  I could go on and on….The historical, landmarked building is light filled and impeccably maintained. The curriculum includes numerous “extras” such as mandatory chess, violin, swimming, art, excellent fitness education, and effective instruction in Spanish (our child has shown incredible progress in this area as well).

By reporting back to you about our experience, I was hoping to bring St Joseph’s to your attention for other clients of yours who might be seeking a small, rigorous and warm school community downtown.  Ms. Coombs is in the process of finalizing the school’s application for ISSAGNY status and we are hoping to support her efforts to carefully grow the St Joseph’s community.

Just as I have recommended your services to numerous friends with small children who are starting the application process, I wanted to share with you our incredibly positive story.  From total desperation when we met you last year, we now find ourselves with wonderful results and a glowing, happy child.