The New York Post, home of the “crazy rich New Yorker” article–recent examples are New Yorkers who pay disabled people to help them cut the line at Disney World and New Yorkers who pay nannies to fulfill their private school volunteering duties–has a new one today:  Rich parents hire play-date consultants to help kids play better for private-school admissions

Given that so many educational consultants are quoted in this article (I was contacted, but had no interest in participating), I want to be very clear about my position on play date coaching for private school interviews.

It is totally unnecessary for normally developing children.  Children learn play date skills by going to nursery school.

Children with obvious social skills deficits should see a qualified language pathologist or play therapist, not an educational consultant.  The objective for these children is to socialize better with everyone, not to prep for interviews.

In my educational consulting practice, I work very hard to recommend to each of my clients a sensible, efficient path that is in the best interests of child and parent.