I received an interesting email today:

Dear Emily Glickman,

<Name of Consulting Company>, a consulting and research firm specializing in private-independent schools, is conducting a study on behalf of an independent school in New York City. The purpose of the study is to determine how school counselors, education consultants, and college admission officers determine the quality of an independent school, and which factors they feel are most important. This will be of great value not only to our client, but to our own research that helps us guide independent school leaders in their decision-making.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to conduct a brief interview with you (10 minutes), following an online survey that takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete.  The identity of our client will be disclosed in the survey.

Interesting how NYC private schools are thinking through how best they can appeal to today’s parents.   Manhattan is a competitive market for the schools too.

I confidentially consult with private schools, drawing from my nineteen years talking to affluent, educated New Yorkers about their schooling needs and my extensive marketing background.  My experience includes consulting for the most successful new school.  For more information, you can email info(at)abacusguide.com;