Looking for Avenues School reviews?

Jenny Anderson nails the parent and student experience at Avenues The World School in her New York Times magazine article Is This the Best Education Money Can Buy?

I have sent many clients to Avenues, families who applied regular admission and relocating families who got  in late.  Parents have given me almost uniformly positive feedback about the school.  Parents are very excited about Avenues’ new approach to education and appreciate that their feedback is valued.

Early in its development, Avenues’ management team hired me to consult with them about NYC parents’ tastes and the local private school scene.  The school continues to hire and recruit experts on every aspect of education, most recently school nutrition and child psychology.

Anderson writes,

It is almost impossible to get into kindergarten — the school received 350 applications for 25 kindergarten slots — and many parents who applied thinking it was a “safety” school were shocked to be rejected.

I don’t find this to be so.  While the private school is rejecting NYC families, especially in entry grades and when children have obvious special needs, at this time it by no means almost impossible to get into.  Avenues is a large school–over 100 students per grade, and this for-profit school needs the seats filled.  I find Avenues is absorbing many students at many different grades.  The school even opened a new kindergarten class after the regular admissions cycle.

I have had the pleasure of helping a significant number of students gain entry, and will be working with many families considering Avenues this season.