The ERB changed on April 1st.  If your child is applying to New York City private school kindergarten and to many prekindergartens, you will want to know what the ERB (also known as the WPPSI IV or the ECAA) looks like this year.

How much did the ERB change?  Not much.   Two subtests, one verbal and one non-verbal, changed.

In brief, there are two sections, now known as “verbal” and “non-verbal”, and 8 subtests.  Verbal subtests include vocabulary, similarities, information and comprehension.  Nonverbal subtests include block design, matrix reasoning, picture concepts and the intriguingly named “bug search”.



Vocabulary:  Define a word.

Similarities:  How are two words similar, or what group are they both part of (ie hats and gloves are both?  Clothing).

Information:  Answer a question verbally or by pointing to a picture  that demonstrates what you know.   (ie What do people hold in a rainstorm?  Umbrella.)

Comprehension:  Show your knowledge of everyday life and common sense.  (ie Why do we go to the doctor?)


Picture Concepts:  Look at two or three rows of pictures and point to the ones that are part of the same group of things (ie animals).

Bug Search:  Look at a bug.  Then find the same bug in a group of bugs, and stamp it.  (This tests short-term memory and processing speed.)

Block Design:  Copy a block construction.

Matrix Reasoning:  Understand the visual relationship between objects; visual analogies.  Point to the missing object to complete the analogy.

Many parents will be relieved to know that Coding is gone.  In the past, boys with poor handwriting had a tendency to bomb this section.  Now children stamp, which presumably takes care of this issue.

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