Thanks Emily. As always, great advice promptly and clearly delivered. You’re the best. <My wife> and I are out celebrating. We will toast to you.

–Dad, Child accepted into every prestigious private school kindergarten in Brooklyn

Thank you so much for your help, Emily.  You were a great support and counselor through the process.   You seem like a very nice person and you were very kind to me.  I really appreciate it.

–Mom, Child accepted into the most competitive top-tier Manhattan private school as well as three others

More great news …. got into <top-tier Manhattan girls’ private school> as well as <top-tier Brooklyn coed.>  Many thanks!


Hi, Emily!

We received an accept from <boys school>, our first-choice!!  We immediately said YES and will be dropping off our signed contract and deposit check.

 THANK YOU for all your help, we are beyond grateful!  xoxoxo


and more…

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