It’s near the end of the road for families applying to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester private schools.  Feedback for kindergarten admission is in full swing.

Applying to:                                     NYC ISAAGNY  Notification Date:

Kindergarten-1st grade                                 Mail or email Fri. Feb. 8

Preschool, ongoing school                          Mail or email Wed. Feb. 13

2nd-8th grade                                                   Mail or email Mon. Feb. 4 or after

9th-11th grade                                                 Mail or email Wed. Feb. 13 or after

As usual, families of children admitted to kindergarten get a paltry week to decide, while incoming 9th graders get a whole month to revisit and make a solid decision about high school.

Good luck to this year’s applicants!  If you’re applying in 2013 for 2014 NYC private school admission, now is the time to start work:  call 212-712-2228 or email  Best NYC educational consulting