Right in time for the New Year, ISAAGNY (Independent Schools Admission Association of Greater New York) debuted its swanky new website.  Redesigned with new fonts, new color photos of member NYC private schools, and even new information, the freshened site adds pizazz and allegedly, “transparency”.

The ISAAGNY directors helpfully note:

For that selection process to succeed for both families and schools, our admissions process needs to be transparent and easy to negotiate and applicants need to be honest about who they are and open to the discovery process that is part of an independent school education.

The new site offers some clear guidance about what NYC parents should and should not do during the private school admissions process, an updated admissions timeline, and a nifty centralized open house calendar.  There are also some interesting public guidelines for admissions directors (ie, they shouldn’t ask you where else your child is applying).