I knew FlashMaster had something going for it when my second grader, who uses the product in school, begged me to buy it for her at home.   She is so excited I’m actually giving it to her as one of her holiday presents.

Here’s more about this ingenious device, from an Amazon reviewer:

The FlashMaster can be used by all ages to master basic math facts. My first-grade grandson can even set up his own activities on it. He loves the immediate feedback. My eighth-grade grandson likes to test his skills too. As a former third-grade teacher, I know how important it is to master these basic facts. This is a sturdy well-made item that makes practicing facts much more fun than paper and pencil. You can take it with you. There are many different ways to “play” it. You can set a time limit or not, do it by tables, random, practice, or test. It even comes with a record book to record your scores. The first-grader is working on mastering addition and subtraction. Then he will move up to mutiplication and division. The price may seem high, but since it can be used for years by all ages to master such an important skill, I think it is worth it.

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