In our first ever beauty blog post, Abacus Mom addresses the pressing question of What to Wear to NYC private school interviews.

Briefly, look like you fit in at the school.  If it’s a conservative school, look conservative.  Nice sweater, skirt, or similar genre, and stay away from the four inch heels.  If it’s a liberal, loose school, look liberal and looser.  No flip-flops.

Now about your makeup.

You want to look natural and not overly done, but obviously, looking your best.  A well-known makeup artist recommends–for all women, by the way:

Nars the Multiple in Orgasm

Racy name for fabulous blush that makes everyone look better.  4 1/2 stars from 27 Amazon reviewers says something.  Even if it’s your thirteenth private school interview, you want to look excited, enthusiastic and glowing.

Blinc Mascara

Do you know what tube mascara is?  It’s mascara that absolutely never runs.  It’s revolutionary.  It has changed what it means to wear mascara.  Even if you start tearing up at your interview describing Junior’s kindness to his little sister, your mascara will stay intact.

Clinique Cider Berry Lipstick

It’s harder to say that this lipstick looks good on just everybody, but it looks good on a whole lot of people.  It brightens you up like a red lipstick, but it’s a much calmer and more natural color.  You won’t fade in with the woodwork in the admissions office.

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