Avenues opens on Monday, September 10th.  Watch out.

The most hotly anticipated new Manhattan private school got a terrific PR boost when Katie Holmes enrolled Suri Cruise.  If both Suri’s parents come to drop off, this could be a crazy paparazzi scene.  Perhaps too crazy for parents who already are dealing with normal first day jitters at a brand new school.

The school has announced that 700 other students will join Suri in the converted warehouse near the High Line.  Knowing Chris Whittle and his team, they will expertly manage the press interest.  A lot is at stake here as they seek to manage public perception of the new school.

The Economist released that the first Avenues School abroad is planned to be in Beijing which does not surprise me at all.  Mandarin is taught at Avenues and many Chinese students seek American education.  This should be a profitable venture.