Why is it so obvious that The New York Times‘ most emailed article is Raising Successful Children?

An opinion piece by Madeline Levine, this article summarizes the points raised in Levine’s excellent new book, Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success

Here are my thoughts on the book:  Madeline Levine teaches parents to focus on character as well as performance, arguing convincingly and counterintuitively that anxious parents single-mindedly gunning for Harvard can actually hurt kids’ chances for ultimate success and happiness.

Her chapters on child development–elementary school, middle school, and high school–are particularly interesting because Levine explains how children behave and think during these stages, advising parents how to respond. It’s helpful to review where your child is in these chapters and then read ahead to the next stage. I learned much that I had not learned in other parenting books.

My only complaint is the book is densely written. There is a lot to absorb here–not an easy or light read.  To buy, Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success