Depressingly, this Sunday’s New York Times exposes yet another private school tragedy:  Prep-School Predators The Horace Mann School’s Secret History of Sexual Abuse 

Fortunately for today’s students, the abuse occurred in the past.  But the story is very sad, and even more so when you consider that inappropriate sexual conduct stories keep emerging from Manhattan and Brooklyn private schools including Poly Prep and Riverdale.  How common is this terrible behavior anyway?  Do predators feel protected when they are associated with elite institutions?  Or does abuse happen at all schools, but the stories are more likely to make the paper when it is at a prestigious NYC private school?

Amos Kamil, the author of the Horace Mann expose, suggests that sexual abuse may be harder to perpetrate nowadays, as kids have better knowledge about what is and isn’t appropriate, and access to social media to publicize what is happening.  Hopefully he is right.

For Horace Mann’s response to the article to its school community:  Horace Mann Response