Kyle Spencer of The New York Times broke an important story today about how Manhattan parents at some public schools in affluent areas have done an amazing job fundraising for their students, in some cases raising more than a million dollars a year.  I said:

“Many now have amenities that can compete with private school offerings,” said Emily Glickman, the president of Abacus Guide Educational Consulting, a private-school admissions company, on the Upper East Side.

Just one example:  the Upper East Side’s PS 6 raised the funds for a “rooftop ecology center”.

Spencer’s story will inspire parents at public schools throughout the tristate area to band together and fundraise even more effectively.  Most people had not previously been aware of what public school PTAs can accomplish.

In an era in which private school tuition is priced at $40,000, shutting out many middle class families, it is inspiring that some NYC public schools are offering kids an exceptional experience.