I loved Jenny Anderson’s story about York Prep:  For-Profit Private School Is Calling Its Own Shots

First, there is some fun gossip about how York Prep’s headmaster is Dwight School’s headmaster’s brother-in-law, and their parents (-in-laws) bought them the two schools, launching them both into the for-profit Manhattan private school world long before Avenues and Leman were even glimmers in their founders’ eyes.

Second, Ronald Stewart, York’s headmaster, is interviewed.  I’ve met Mr. Stewart, and he is just like the article portrays him: British, free-wheeling, welcoming, a real character.  If you’ve ever read interviews with Stanley Bosworth, Saint Ann’s late heralded head, he too was a character.  Characters can inspire you–or rub you the wrong way–when you actually attend their schools, but when you meet them, they are always entertaining and memorable.

Third, characteristically, Stewart allowed Anderson to talk freely to York Prep students, who frankly list their school’s pros and cons.  When I have spoken to families over the years, I have heard very similar observations.  The only point I would add is about a year and a half ago the principal was suddenly fired for inappropriate conduct.