As a former Packer student, I was very interested in Jenny Anderson’s Times article today about Packer:  As a Private School in Brooklyn Raises Its Profile, Questions of Identity Arise

To sum up, as NYC private school admission generally has become more competitive, Packer has become more competitive, with more students applying and more money spent on improved facilities.

In my day, many of the best students left Packer in middle or high school, going on to specialized NYC public and top Brooklyn high schools like Hunter, Stuyvesant and Midwood, or to Manhattan private schools.  Anderson notes:

J. Geoffrey Pierson, who was the head of school immediately before Mr. Dennis, worked to improve its <Packer’s>  academic profile and entice more students to stay through high school, rather than leave for better-known schools after the eighth grade.

I have noticed in the past few years that more and more of my clients applying to top private Manhattan and Brooklyn high schools and middle schools have included Packer on their lists.  The school has long been a favorite for Brooklyn kindergarteners.  With Brooklyn’s increased population of young families, all the better Brooklyn private schools have seen application increases.