New Moon Girls is a magazine for girls 8 and up.  Unlike all other girls’ magazines (American Girl, Discovery Girls, Girls Life, etc.) it is edited by girls, with almost all of its content chosen and created by them.  What that means is that not only can your daughter get her work published in an international magazine, but she also has a chance to be an editor!   What an unusual and rewarding opportunity!

The New Moon Girls Editorial Board is currently composed of thirty girls aged 8-14 from the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

New Moon’s mission is “To help girls … discover their unique voices and express them in the world.”  An advertising-free bi-monthly, New Moon is sold online and in many chain and independent bookstores in the US and Canada. Recent themes have included “The Power of Pretend”, “Girls’ Choice Book Winners” and “Inner Beauty”.

New Moon subscribers also have the unique opportunity to participate in a safe, girl-friendly, adult-moderated online community.  An alternative to Facebook and other advertising-driven, mass social communities, New Moon allows girls to connect to other girls around the nation and the world by “stickering” (emailing) them, and posting stories, pictures, poems, audio and video clips, all of which are vetted by adult volunteers before going live.

I am proud to be on the Parent Board of New Moon, because I believe this organization helps girls become strong women.  To subscribe and get involved, New Moon Girls.

To enjoy a free New Moon Girls sample issue, click here.