After posting outstanding ISEE score and private school admissions results from our 2012 Private School Authority students in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester, Anthony-James Green and I are excited that renowned West Coast tutor Peter Hall is joining us in 2013.  (We snagged him the second he relocated.)  Peter writes:

In my “spare time,” I am a PhD student researching and writing about English Literature at Berkeley, where I hold the Regents Fellowship. I received a BA from Columbia University in 2006, graduating on the Dean’s List and with two separate Departmental Honors. After that, I was an editorial assistant at Bedford / St. Martin’s, a textbook company in Manhattan. I have received 99th percentile scores on every sort of standardized test from the ERB and ISEE to the SAT, GRE, and LSAT. Currently I am reviewing offers of admission from NYU and Columbia Law Schools to enter a JD program in the Fall of 2012. And, last but not least, in June 2010, I became a Jeopardy Champion! Currently, I am ranked in the top 10 for single-day winners, and the top 40 for overall single day winnings. (Here’s the episode).