Despite the opening of Avenues and its many hundreds of new private school seats, 2012 was a tough year for Manhattan, Brooklyn and Riverdale private school admission, particularly at the preK and kindergarten levels.  6th grade, 9th grade and even off-year admission grades were less competitive for top candidates.

As families have more children and want to raise them in the city, and as public school admission and experience becomes more dicey, elite private schools are benefiting from increased demand.  While some families want private school–any private school–others will pay $40,000 only for a top name.

At Abacus Guide, we’re delighted that in 2012 our clients were offered admission to many private schools including, in no particular order, Riverdale, Horace Mann, Dalton, Collegiate, Allen-Stevenson, Trinity, Packer, Spence, Chapin, Saint Ann’s, Hackley, Rye Country Day School, Hewitt, Brearley, Nightingale, Trevor Day, Marymount, Poly Prep, UNIS, Friends, Browning, Grace Church, Avenues, Little Red, Cathedral, St. Bernard’s, Sacred Heart, Speyer, VCS, Columbia Grammar and Prep, Saint David’s, Berkeley Carroll, and Fieldston.