Are you worried about your preschooler?  I have found that lots of parents are, quietly, especially if a child is their first.

Parents seem especially worried about their preschool children who may not be keeping exact pace with peers or siblings.  Parents may have a nagging feeling and not want to overlook something that could impact their children’s learning, their ability to get into a good private school kindergarten or their socialization.

Other times, parents are told by their preschool director that their children need an evaluation but parents aren’t sure why.  They don’t want to start the taxing and expensive route of having their children go from evaluator to evaluator without a really good reason.  So they’re confused and they need sound, confidential, private advice to help them decide what to do.

If you’re in this situation, now is the right time in the admissions season to contact  my colleague Toby Glick of  ParentConfidante School Success Consulting.  Toby is a school psychologist and former CPSE and CSE Chairperson who has a great deal of experience advising Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, and New Jersey parents who are struggling with just these questions.  After meeting with you and your child,  she’ll give you her expert, unbiased assessment and advice.  She’ll tell you if your child is absolutely fine, or whether she thinks she or he would benefit from some confidential outside help.  Toby can be reached at 646-300-1881 or toby(at)