I want to give a special thank you on behalf of Riverdale and Westchester private schools and educational consultants everywhere to State Senator Jeff Klein.

Klein voted for the New York State Legislature’s tax cap on budget levy increases by school districts and local governments.  Because the bill did not include relief for local governments or school districts from state mandated programs or exemptions in the tax cap calculation for costs like pension increases and debt service, public schools throughout New York State now have to cut programs.

As a Westchester private schools consultant, I’m pleased that my business is booming.  I’m getting calls from many Southern Westchester families who are upset by proposed changes in their schools’ programs.  Riverdale and Westchester private schools can expect increased demand from families who can afford and wish to escape.

As a parent and supporter of public education, I’m very disappointed by Klein’s decision.  My honest gratitude (and future votes) go to State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin who voted against the cap.