From a current client today.  Her child is applying to elite Manhattan and Riverdale private schools.  (All identifying details removed, naturally.)

Hi Emily:

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know how things are going. We have completed 9 out of 10 interviews. It has been grueling, as you predicted. <Child> is an old pro at interviewing at this point, as are my husband and I. EVERYTHING you recommended has served us, and served us well! I cannot imagine having done this without your advice.

Your advice about what summer courses <Child> should take was spot on, and also allowed <Child> the opportunity to find something that he is really good at.  <Child> talked a lot about <special activity> at all the interviews.

For Sept. 2013 Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, or Westchester private high school or middle school admissions support: now is the time to reserve your child’s spot and improve his or her chances: 212-712-2228 or eglickman(at)  Hurry, once Emily’s schedule fills up, it fills up.