1.  Your child should prep for the ERB.   

Whether it’s the ERB (also called the ECAA or WPPSI) for kindergarten, prekindergarten, or 1st grade, the ERB (also called the ECAA or WISC) for 2nd through 4th grade, or the ERB (also called the ISEE, the SSAT is another option) for 5th grade and up, test scores matter in private school admission and prepped kids do better.

2.  Nobody can tell that your child prepped for the ERB.

Word on the street is that private schools will suss out that your young child has prepped.  Then, to punish you, they’ll ban your child from admission.  In practice, now that the Educational Records Bureau itself releases ERB prep materials and many nursery schools prep or recommend prep tutors, prepping is everywhere.

3. If you’re not a fluent writer, you can get secret help with your private school application essays.

Strongly written private school application essays that showcase your child’s unique strengths and accomplishments matter.  You can get expert help, and nobody will know.

The good news is that not everybody devotes their career to reviewing private school admissions essays.  If they did, nobody would be a cancer researcher, philanthropist, professor, or sit-com actress, like some of my recent clients.

4.  You and your middle school and high school applicant child will be under the spotlight at your parent and child interviews. 

Luckily, you can practice in advance with me so you’re polished and ready for your big day, when it counts.

5.  Your child is good enough and smart enough, and private schools admissions decisions, especially at age 4, are largely a load of nonsense.

While we’d all like to think we’re living in a meritocracy, the fact is that private schools put a huge amount of emphasis on a broad range of factors.  My job as a school advisor is to tip you off as to what these factors are, and how you can best play them.

I am starting to fill my 2012-2013 schedule.  Call now:  212-712-2228 or email eglickman(at)abacusguide.com  Please book early–in 2011 as well as previous years Private School Admissions Support closed out and I had to turn parents away.