From a client today:

We had a busy day yesterday!  We had our parent interview at <well-known Manhattan private school> and we were soooooo glad to have been prepped by you.  It went very well!

Hooray!  At Abacus Guide, we prep parents and middle and high school students for private school interview success.  If you’re feeling anxious or insecure, rest assured, you have plenty of company and room for great improvement.  We work with Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester families, as well as some who call us from major cities across the US.  (Recently one of our clients was admitted to Lakeside School, Bill Gates’ alma mater.)

Our NYC private school interview prep schedule is full until early October.  If you want to book (limited Skype appointments may be available sooner), contact us soon:  212-712-2228 or info(at)