It’s been a very exciting summer and shaping up to be a mind-blowing fall in the world of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Riverdale) private school admissions.

1)  Avenues enters the fray with a superb public relations campaign, convincing many skeptical New Yorkers that it is a viable, highly sought after private school.

2)  Avenues cleverly releases its own admissions schedule, including “early notification” for non-sibs/legacies, jumping ahead of the established schools’ ISAAGNY calendar.

2)  Other schools got jittery and some release applications early (over the summer).

3)  Trinity, which is the #1 private school for driving up New Yorkers’ admissions hysteria and then getting massive press for it and still more applications, claims via New York Times that they are taking it easy this year by reviewing all apps received during the months of Sept. and Oct., rather than just those received at 12:01am the day after Labor Day.  Take it easy sister– they are not promising interviews.

4)  Dalton notifies the Wall Street Journal that half their incoming kindergarteners are students of color, causing both parents of color and whites to recalculate their admissions odds, with their data considerably more complex now that the New York Times reports that “Elite Schools Rethink Saving Seats for Little Sister”.

5)  Against the wishes of many current parents, Claremont School changes its name to something that requires an accent aigu.

6)  The economy and Wall Street aren’t looking so good but we are confident Trinity School will manage.