Jenny Anderson reports in In Private School World, a Rush to Be ‘International’ that Claremont Prep, with enrollment at only one third of capacity, has changed its name to Léman Manhattan Preparatory School.  In a direct swipe at new kid on the block Avenues, headmaster Drew Alexander states:

“We truly believe Avenues is seeing the right stuff,” Mr. Alexander said, arguing that more educational options for families are best for everyone. “But what our school offers is reality. We’re backed by an international system of schools, and Avenues wants to put that in place,” he said. (Avenues plans to build 20 campuses around the world, starting in 2014.)

To my mind, only so many Manhattan parent consumers care about a NYC private school’s distinguishing “international” feature.  I think they care about another feature much more–and any private school who wants to find out is welcome to call me for a consultation.  (Over the years, I’ve consulted with a number of private school investors and administrators.)