I was surprised today to receive a beautiful bouquet.  When I emailed a thank you to the kind mom who sent them, she wrote back: (with identifying details removed)

The bouquet is actually late – I should have sent it immediately after our last phone call.

<Child’s name> is still at summer camp.  She will meet the people at <well-known private school> after she gets back.  So we have no idea whether she will get in but our fingers are crossed.

I wanted to thank you because even this chance to get into <well-known private school> is due entirely to your good counsel.  During our first phone call, you recommended that we apply to more than just one school.  During that same phone call, you suggested that I call <private school #1> to find out whether they would even have spaces available in next year’s class.  Based on that excellent advice, I called <private school #2> to ask them the same question, which is what led to our being asked to come in right away because they had an opening.  I should actually have sent you a CHECK, not flowers, but I couldn’t figure out how to calculate what I owed you and I knew you would decline if I asked you.  So – flowers.  And genuine gratitude (and I want to add “affection,” which seems preposterous, given that I barely know you, but I feel it anyway).

I do hope <child’s name> gets into <well-known private school>this year.  If she doesn’t, we’ll probably try for next year and you will be hearing from me!

With gratitude AND affection,

<mom’s name>