Without question Avenues is the best known.

Avenues School’s massive publicity campaign has put it on the radar screen of most families applying to NYC private school in 2011 for 2012 admission.  The private school has bought up Google keywords, large display ads in the New York Times and New Yorker, amongst many other publications, and landed important stories in major media.  Given the overflow of Manhattan and Brooklyn children of kindergarten age, Avenues is providing an important supply valve.  Word on the street is that traditional private schools are “worried” about Avenues’ new early admissions process, which seeks to circumvent their timetables and lock students in during the fall before they know about admission elsewhere.

Almost all of my School Selection clients want to know what I think about Avenues and seek my advice about whether to apply.  If you could use assistance compiling a strategic NYC private schools list, call 212-712-2228 or email info(at)abacusguide.com.  Hurry: our Private School Admissions Support Program is nearly sold out for this season.