I’ve been helping students get into top Manhattan, Brooklyn, Riverdale, and Westchester private high schools and middle schools for over twelve years.  Before that, for five years I worked at a well-known national test prep tutoring company.

Through these experiences, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many tutors.  Some were academics who knew subject matter but very little about test tactics, strategy, and timing. Others were young folks who connected to kids but who were unreliable and unprofessional, showing up to tutoring sessions late or unprepared. Finally, I met uninspiring, dull professionals who took kids off on tangents, talking vaguely about material that had nothing to do with the test.

Test prep tutoring is an art and a science, and while many practice it, few do it well.

In starting Private School Authority, I was determined to partner with a test prep tutor and curriculum developer par excellence, which is why I reached out to Anthony-James Green, who had been recommended to me by numerous clients and education professionals.

Whether you hope your child can work with Anthony, one of our other expert Private School Authority ERB (ISEE) and SSAT Tutors, or a tutor from elsewhere, I would vet the tutor carefully to make sure you make the right choice.  Tutors are expensive, and your child only has one chance to take the ISEE.  You want to choose the best tutor right off the bat.

  • Check your ISEE / SSAT tutor’s credentials.  Is she a moonlighting teacher out to make a few extra bucks, or someone who really knows the ISEE and SSAT and best test-taking strategy and timing techniques?
  • See how the ISEE / SSAT tutor interacts with your child.  Is he warm, positive, enthusiastic, and engaging?
  • See how the ISEE / SSAT tutor interacts with you.  Does she show up on time, stay the full hour, and communicate easily with you about what she has accomplished in that tutoring session?
  • Does the ISEE / SSAT tutor have a gameplan?  Does he start the program with a diagnostic eval, so he can share with you where your student is starting on the ISEE or SSAT and how far he can go?
  • Does the ISEE / SSAT tutor assign homework?  In test prep, homework matters and good ISEE and SSAT tutors take the time to assign it and correct it.