Manhattan parents’ most common dream school?

Is it:

  • a)  Trinity
  • b)  Dalton
  • c)  Saint Ann’s
  • d)  Collegiate
  • e)  ECFS

Answer:  In my experience, Dalton.

As a New York City private schools educational consultant, I’ve talked to hundreds of parents about private schools, and none get most of them going like Dalton.  Every year, Babby receives huge numbers of ardent love letters from eager families.  I feel for her poor mailman, dragging heavy bags.

Is it the Dalton Plan?  The difficulty involved in getting in?  Helen Parkhurst’s progressive philosophy?  The college placement record?  The extensive facilities?  The push for diversity?  The school’s appearance in Woody Allen’s Manhattan?  Babby’s pitch?

It all works for Dalton, year after year.  For families, it’s a particularly tough road.