Barely a day after the New York Post broke the news of the mom suing York Avenue Preschool for not properly preparing her daughter for the ERB for kindergarten, and hence, Harvard, delighted Europeans have pounced on the story.

From Will Pavia’s amusing Mother Sues Nursery in the London Times:

Observers from outside Manhattan, with its frantic yearly competition for private school places, might point to the fact that the venerable institution to which <child’s name> had been entrusted was a nursery school.

(English person chuckles at American antics.)

Pavia was good enough to ask me to contribute my two pence.

Emily Glickman, a consultant who advises parents on how to secure the best places for their children, said that 2010-11 had been the “most competitive year to date for getting children into private-school kindergarten in Manhattan”.

As for the ERB tests, she said: “Officially, it’s always been true that children are supposed to sit the ERB test without prepping, but in the last few years prepping has become more and more open.”