From a Private School Admissions Support educational consulting client today, with identifying details removed for confidentiality:

Dear Emily,

Thank you seems too simple, too short for the incredible enlightenment and support you gave us throughout the entire kindergarten application process.  We knew it was going to be a competitive process in Brooklyn and Manhattan but we had absolutely no idea how much work there was to do and could not have been suitably prepared without your guidance and help.  Your knowledge of the specifics of each and every private school in NYC helped us determine which schools would be a good fit for our family.  We thank you for your perseverance in helping us write thoughtful and compelling essays.  We realized when we were the first to be interviewed at several of the schools that the essays were critical in helping the schools understand who we are and if we were a match for the school.  This was a very difficult year and the level of competition seems to be getting stronger with so many families wanting their children to benefit from the amazing educational experiences the city has to offer.    In the midst of the process, it struck us as to how difficult it is to stand out in this city full of good and interesting parents who want the best for their children as well.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us to the finish line of this very long and somewhat arduous process so that our son  was accepted into one of the best schools in New York City.

Ever since we became parents, it was our dream to send <child’s name> to <coed top five school>.  We had heard such amazing things about it from other parents who had children in the school.  We felt this was the only school that had the right combination of strong academics and exceptional arts in the core of the curriculum and the school philosophy.  We can’t thank you enough as we truly believe we would not have been accepted without your assistance.  You have cultivated a true art in working with your clients to help them understand what exactly they are looking for in an education for their children.  It may sound  terribly corny, but you educated us, as parents.

We are absolutely thrilled with the results of working with you throughout this process.

You are amazing and we cannot thank you enough.