Times writer Sarah Maslin Nir addresses a key issue on many prospective private school parents’ minds today, when NYC private schools teach reading:  Reading at Some Private Schools Is Delayed.

At some, often more progressive private schools, teaching reading has historically been on a more relaxed timetable, sometimes not until first grade.  In the last few years, I have found that more and more parents are focused on early reading and math.  My clients are often more interested in spending tuition dollars on schools where they feel their children will learn hard skills early.  For that reason, I was very interested in one headmaster’s comment:

Stephen M. Clement III, who heads the all-boys Browning School on the East Side, said that “many of the early childhood programs are getting much more academic,” and as a result, “our curriculum has probably increased in its pace as well.”

Basically, more and more schools are meeting market demand.