My clients often ask me to interpret their ERB score reports, both for the WPPSI (the ERB test given to kids applying to kindergarten and 1st grade) and the WISC (for kids applying to 2nd through 4th grades).

ERB score reports always contain a performance section comprised of performance subtests and a verbal section comprised of verbal subtests.  For example, in the ERB WPPSI test the verbal section includes vocabulary, similarities, word reasoning, and comprehension subtests.  The performance section includes picture concepts, coding, block design and matrix reasoning subtests.

When I read my clients’ ERB score reports, I look for the following:

  • What are the overall percentile ranks for the performance, verbal and full scales?
  • How do the subtest scores compare?  Is there scatter, or are the scores fairly uniform?
  • How do the testers’ comments read?  What did the tester say about the child’s comfort level, familiarity with the test directions, language skills, visual motor skills, and work traits?  Is there coded language that the child has prepped for the ERB or has a possible learning challenge?

Over twelve years in practice, I have read hundreds of ERB score reports and have the perspective of having shepherded hundreds of children and parents through the private school admissions process.  I advise families on how their children’s ERB scores compare to competition both this year and in previous years, what scores target private schools seek, and how children and parents can be the very best private school candidates possible.  I help families present not only better ERB scores, but also give better private school interviews, write better essays, thank you notes, and I Love Yous, and communicate better with key contacts like preschool directors and references.

I work with only a limited number of families.  My schedule for the 2011-2012 private school admissions process is booking quickly, with desirable dates going fast.  If you would like my assistance, please call 212-712-2228 or email eglickman(at) ASAP.  I look forward to hearing from you.