Anthony-James Green, founder of Odyssey Prep and, and a fellow Columbia grad, sent Abacus Mom the following info about his firm’s approach to the SAT:

Although Anthony Green is less than two years out of Columbia University, he’s already gaining a reputation as one of New York City’s best SAT tutors.  Anthony founded his tutoring company, Odyssey Prep, while he was still at Columbia.  Odyssey is an SAT tutoring firm based in Manhattan that has provided over 1,000 students with SAT tutoring and college admissions assistance.  Anthony started his firm based on the results he was getting from his students – after working for multiple other agencies, Anthony started tutoring using his own method in 2006.  The results spoke for themselves – some of Anthony’s first students were getting score increases of over 700 points.  Anthony originated the 101 Point SAT Method, a system he has used with over 200 students in New York to increase their scores by over 320 points on average, and has trained over 90 tutors in the methodology.  His approach is based on identifying each students’ individual strengths and weaknesses and creating a highly focused program around their specific needs and learning styles.

Recently, Anthony has decided to cede control of Odyssey Prep to a new owner, looking to focus more of his time on tutoring students directly rather than managing his tutors.  “While I love running a business, there’s a big difference between baking cakes and running a bakery.  I love tutoring, and I’m extremely good at it, so I want to spend more of my time involved in the process and less time in managing it,” said Anthony of his decision to take on more students.  

“When I meet a student with a 500 in all three sections, I don’t assume that he or she is any less smart, or any worse of a student, than someone with a 700 in each section.  I assume that he or she isn’t very familiar with the SAT.  The test is like it’s own language, and I teach my students how to speak it.  Once I get my students comfortable with the strategies and techniques necessary to do well on the exam, they usually experience an immediate 250 point uptick in their scores.  The more I can integrate their learning style with the test, the faster their gains come.”

Anthony’s availability is limited, but he is generally free to tutor weekday afternoons/evenings and on the weekends.  You can call him at 914-400-3859, email him at, or visit his website at