Do you love Dalton?  I mean, really love Dalton?

So do lots of people.

As a New York City private schools educational consultant, I talk to many families about private schools.  No Manhattan private school inspires parents’ ardor like Dalton.  I regularly listen to parents talk enthusiastically about Dalton for a half hour or more.

Is it the Dalton Plan?  The difficulty involved in getting in?  Helen Parkhurst’s progressive philosophy?  The college placement record?  The extensive facilities?  The push for diversity?  The school’s appearance in Woody Allen’s Manhattan?  Babby’s pitch?

It all seems to help.

I have had a number of celebrity clients over the years and almost all of them want Dalton too.  (Celebrities also tend to like Saint Ann’s.)

Interestingly, often when children actually get into Dalton, their parents–the very same ones who were previously raving about the school –then have second thoughts.  Would Trinity have been a better choice?  What about Saint Bernard’s?

That’s human nature for you.