Julie Bosman has a wonderful article in the Times today, Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children.  Apparently younger and younger children are reading chapter books.  Bosman cites Pushy Parents as one reason for the trend:

Some parents say they just want to advance their children’s skills. <One parent> said her youngest son, Laurence, started reading chapter books when he was 4.

Now Laurence is 6 ½, and while he regularly tackles 80-page chapter books, he is still a “reluctant reader.”

Sometimes, she said, he tries to go back to picture books.

“He would still read picture books now if we let him, because he doesn’t want to work to read,” she said, adding that she and her husband have kept him reading chapter books.

Another reason for the trend?  In my opinion, private school admissions officers who want to hear from parents that aspiring kindergarteners are listening to chapter books.  Now that the Times article is out, with the whole situation portrayed in an embarrassing light, picture books may become hot again.  What is your kid listening to?  At your interview this year, maybe offer up Corduroy.