Bright Kids NYC is your one-stop shop for test prep workbooks for the OLSAT, ERB, and Stanford-Binet.  The company has expanded its test prep workbook line on Amazon.  Check out what’s now available.  These workbooks are selling like hotcakes.

OLSAT and Stanford-Binet  (OLSAT is for G & T, Stanford-Binet is for Hunter Elementary)

OLSAT Practice Test Pre-K and K

OLSAT Test Preparation Guide for Entry into Kindergarten and First Grade

OLSAT Practice Test First Grade (Second Grade Entry)

ERB, OLSAT, and Stanford-Binet Matrix Reasoning

ERB and Stanford-Binet Verbal Exercises

ERB (aka WPPSI, for private school admission)

ERB Preparation Guide

ERB Block Design with Blocks

ERB Coding:  PreK to Second Grade

ERB Picture Concepts