Fictional Parent Statement

Navy School

There are many four-year-olds in this city.  But none compare to Tempo Knickerbocker, beloved daughter of Cappy and Bill Knickerbocker. (In case you are wondering, we are the Knickerbocker family, originally settling in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam in 1665.)

Since birth, Tempo demonstrated exceptional promise and precocity.  She reached all developmental milestones early, learning to both walk and talk six months before the average child.  For this reason, we have always supplied Tempo with toys with advanced “suggested ages”.  Tempo’s favorite playthings currently include her Spatial Reasoning Power Blocks and her Phonics Fun Reading Dog, attesting to her wide and sophisticated cognitive range.

Tempo excels at Child Maison Nursery School, as we are sure you will read in her upcoming School Report.  The teachings of European Pluteauvian education have greatly benefited Tempo’s fast growing mind.

Outside of school, Tempo enjoys Pee Wee Chess—she already grasps complicated play strategy—and Math Team Midgets, as well as reading hundred page-plus chapter books with her mom (titles supplied upon request).

Tempo loves to exercise her body as well as her mind.  Her instructors at Soccer All-Stars say they have never met a junior player with more potential.  We know that one day she would be at a level to greatly contribute to Navy School’s varsity team.

In summary, we feel that Tempo would thrive at Navy School and contribute much to the school as well.  We as parents would do the same thing.  Thank you for considering this extraordinary child for your extraordinary school.
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