As we close out 2009, here’s what we’ll remember about this eventful year:

  • Public school zoning became so uncertain and chaotic that for the first time, people applied to private school just in case public didn’t work out;
  • Thanks to ample coverage in the press, ERB prep for kindergarten became a headline, ruffling feathers throughout the ISAAGNY community;
  • The lower level ISEE, with new questions and new scoring, proved problematic for many test-takers;
  • Family affluence counted in admissions–more than ever;
  • Financial aid for new families proved more elusive;
  • The tumultuous economy didn’t damper families’ enthusiasm for Dalton, Collegiate, Trinity, and other top brand name schools;
  • So in Lake Wobegon all the children are above average.  Since here in New York, our children are gifted, a new school for this population almost immediately gained traction with Manhattan parents.

Here’s to a happy and successful 2010!!!

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